Weekend Job...no problem.
Honestly, the majority of office furniture jobs are on the weekend. Leave​ us with a point of contact and the keys to your office.  You can sit back & enjoy your weekend with confidence  because you have professionals on the job.

Commercial Installations by Ann /// 7825 lithia pinecrest rd #342, lithia fla 33547/// 813-309-6988

Sorry, we do not office moves from building to building. We will however work with your mover of choice to help take the strain of the cubicles off them. But if your relocation is an internal move then we are your winners. Period. 
The old adage..."Let the bakers bake" comes to play in all aspects of your life.

When you need a birthday cake decorated just right for your daughter's 16th birthday you wouldn't cal​l a landscaper...you would find the best bakery possible for the  job.  We know office furniture. We can disassemble, move & rebuild without the issues you would run into if you hired someone without the expertise we have in this field.

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